Simple 2$ Tank

Recently I’ve been attracted to recycling old T-shirts. Whether making a bag or a tank top this can be a very economical way to reuse them plus the fun of making yourself something unique.


I personally went to my local Salvation Army Thrift store and got a 2$ T with a front I enjoyed.
The method I used for tasseling the ends of the tank is the same as the ‘no sew felt blanket’ basically the method is really nice because all the tassels lay straight down. If you aren’t sure how to tie them just search ‘no sew felt blanket’. Side note that that project is also really cool.


1. Basically I started by cutting the tassels along the bottom and then periodically put the T on to see where I wanted them to hit exactly.
2. Then I cut my sleeves off and the neck. Leaving plenty of extra still to be cut so I could play around and decide where I wanted it to sit. Again I tried it on as I went and then decided where I would prefer more cut off.
3. Then to finish I tied all my tassels and voila my tank top!